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onGO DocRouter, the intelligent information tool

The onGO DocRouter supplements the functionality of the information management system in the areas of knowledge management. It is an intelligent tool for the analysis and distribution of information from various data sources either internal or external of onGO DMS.

Information flood, boon or bane

It is a fact that through the distribution of electronic media the information flood has increased extensively. For many companies it is no longer a question of where they are receiving information from, but how they extract only the relevant information.

Search engines are a partial solution to the problem and ideally suited to fulfil ad-hoc information requests. Imagine if a manager is interested in the latest sales figures, a search engine is unsuitable, because the broker will never know when this information is updated. The solution is to turn passive information into active information. No problem for onGO DMS DocRouter! It analyses all new and revised documents and notifies users of its availability according to the specified interest field(s). Interest fields allow users to create an unlimited number of individual interest profiles.

onGO provides a graphical user interface for this purpose where users define with keywords, links, the relevance with which the keywords shall appear within the document, and the destination folder(s) where the source of information will be linked. Interests can be defined in both the intra and internet, onGO DMS access rights ensure only registered users can access the service.

onGO DocRouter turns passive information into active information!

By the means of registered interests onGO DocRouter provides users automatically with information as soon as it becomes available! This in turn saves time and money making the right information available at the right time!


  • Monitors the IMS system for specified information, delivering automatically corresponding data.
  • Automatic notification on changing information and documents
  • Only relevant information received by the recipient, therefore no “information overkill“
  • Automatic forwarding of information by email or onGO internal messaging system
  • Unlimited arbitrary interest profiles definable per user
  • Web supported system - no rollout issues