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onGO Portal

Competitive advantage
onGO Portal is a knowledge centre for your organisation. Sharing information beyond departmental boundaries

onGO Portal, convert your internal information into accessible intelligent knowledge
Organisations today generate enormous amounts of digital information, often filed locally, redundantly, and unstructured on diverse systems. Frequently this information is scattered across multiple applications, is of different data types, and is based on different platforms or operating systems. A cross-platform information and document management system is the answer. onGO Portal an intelligent, open web-portal provides these IMS/DMS solutions.

onGO portal supplies the right information to the right person at the right time
Employees can concentrate exclusively on their work. They are more efficiently informed, as they don’t spend their time on searching for information. Employee portals are an essential contribution to increasing information quality and knowledge.

The “small” portal
Uniplex offers with onGO portal a scalable product, developed both for departmental workgroups and corporate-wide use. With various bundling options, for example with onGO Valid, companies can optimise the knowledge and information sharing in development or quality management areas. Thanks to the Intranet/Internet the information is available everywhere via web browsers.

onGO portal enables systematic use of resource knowledge and information. onGO portal is a system, adaptable to your organisational model and can be customised to the look and feel of your companies image.

Transparent representation of corporate information on a consistent surface
Reduced periods of training for new employees
Administration of unstructured and structured information
Easy integration of internal and external data sources
Full text, keyword, object, content, advanced and associative searches
Optimisation of development and production processes via discussion forums, newsgroups and surveys
Subscription of subjects with automatic notification function

Fast implementation into the customer interface
An entire web supported solution
The trend is “finding” instead of “searching”
No redundant information and documents
No information overload
Scalable solution
Easy integration for corporate-wide use

onGO DMS version 4.1

Supported platforms
All onGO DMS platforms (MS Windows, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Linux)

Supported web server
Apache from V. 1.3.26 and up